module Nine TPACK model


The concepts relating to TPACK that I benefited from the most were the relationships between the three facets discussed on TPACK.ORG and particularly in the 2008 keynote speech (Koehler & Mishra, 2008). The relationship between technology and content and the influence they have on each other was really interesting. I think this is particularly relevant as technology is changing at such a fast pace it will have a direct impact upon not just the way content is taught but the nature of the content itself. I think one of the things I will have to come to terms with is that some technologies are better suited to particular subject areas and learning depending on the content of the subject and the influence the technology and the content will have on each other (Koehler & Mishra,2008)

I also found the discussions about context really interesting. When we looked at TPACK for the first time back in week one I found the TPACK model really interesting if a little confusing. I now think I have more of a grasp on it, however I now am interested in the use of the TPACK model in the classroom context, how this would greatly differ and depend on the level and type of technology used and made available in the classroom (Mishra, 2014).

I would view myself as still developing in all three areas of the TPACK model. I think that my pedagogical knowledge is growing and will continue to develop as I complete the course and especially as I enter the classroom. I think my content knowledge is fairly competent but will also be developing as I gain more experience and also as the subject itself changes and evolves over the years. I thought my technological knowledge was fairly solid, however I have come to realise through this subject that while I understand concepts I really haven’t applied them in any practical way. The most I got out of the TPACK model is the idea of using technology in a meaningful way to create pedagogy that approaches the subject area or ‘solves problems’ in a creative, effective and complete way (Koehler, 2013). I think that in order for me to achieve this I need to develop more in all three areas of TPACK but in particular technological knowhow.




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